Friday, January 28, 2011

well, yes. you could say that...

As I mentioned before, I am now working 2 mornings a week at a "Make-your-own" jewelry store name Caliza (which I am loving, by the way). Being an American working in México almost always provides for curious clients. I told my friend (the owner) she should post a sign outside that says, "Gringa freak working here" if she wants to increase sales. ;)

Many Mexicans resist calling the US "America", because--as they have pointed out to me--the are just as much "America" as the US... being on the North American continent and all. So, the US is often referred to as "el otro lado (the other side)". Think border.
A conversation between me and a teenage boy yesterday:

Him: "So, are you from the other side?"
Me: "Sí."
Him (looking very wise and earnest): "Oh, ok. I'll bet you learned to speak English really well over there."
Me (mouth opening. closing.): "Sí."


  1. rofl. I would have liked to have heard that conversation. Good for you working in the shop - I'm glad! Sweet success to you and your friend. :)

  2. yeah, pretty funny! and, we are all excited for Doris's success (did you pick up that it is her store?) :)

  3. Well yes, I did figure it was Doris' store... but I wasn't sure I'd mention it since you hadn't used her name. Give her a big hug for me!


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