Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today was a full day. Started off by ignoring the 6:20am alarm, and rolling out around an hour past. Gotta say, knowing that I have to skedaddle outside and around the house in the 30 degree morning air to light the water heater for my shower sure takes away my resolve for rising early. Brr.

Did that. Then, checked Facebook while eating in a quiet, cold house. Bawled while watching this video my bro put up. Realized I had to get a hold of myself and get moving. Aleni was up by then. Got her changed, fed her breakfast. Threw in a load of wash. Then, went and woke up the man of the house so he could hang onto the girlie while I showered.

Showered. Chatted with Rey about plans for the day and then ran out the door for my first day of "work". Yes. You read right. Work. And, yes. It was between quotation marks. I am "working" 2 days a week from 10a-1p for a friend of mine. That's why it's between quotation marks. Since it is only about 6 hrs a week, and it's with a friend--it's more like glorified girl-time. And, since I am "earning" about a dollar an hour, it is definitely not for bringing home the bacon.

I am working at a specialty shop that sells all kinds of beads and things one would need to make jewelry. It's really cool, because not only am I getting to socialize twice a week, I am learning something new and creative. Is God good or what? :)

So, I got home around 2. Passed the car keys off to Rey and scarfed down some lunch. Set to work on getting the house cleaned up--which is slightly difficult with two little angels keeping company. I had planned for a mom's group to meet in my house at 5, so I was working to the clock.

Put some more laundry in to wash. Folded and put away dry laundry. Fed Aleni supper. Got her dressed in some clean clothes (I tell you what. This girl is mean to her clothes. After about 5 minutes, she can have whatever she is wearing irreparably stained). Got Noah changed. Washed dishes. Wiped down surfaces. Set up a "drink station".

Rey got home around 4, which gave me a chance to get things printed off and organized for the mom's group. He left again at 4:30 to pick up cousin Alicia who does child care during the mom's group. They got back exactly at 5.

And, no one came.

I am just trying to decide if I should keep trying this mom group thing, or take a hint...

Oh, well. Good side: The house is nice and clean. And I had a fun evening with Alicia as she kept me company and helped entertain the kids.

The guy that has been making payments to buy our stove off of us came by and made the last payment. Bye bye little stove (we'd bought it before moving, and this house came with its own stove. Cool.)

Rey has been running around like crazy from junkyard to junkyard all afternoon and evening trying to find good parts at good prices for our poor van. Poor van is sitting in our front yard; it's engine is sitting next to it. Yes, the poor girl has been gutted. But, we hope it's for the better!

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