Thursday, January 27, 2011

today's naptime went like this:

.pumpkin seeds. cauliflower puree. roasted pumpkin & sweet potatoes. carrot puree. zucchini puree. red bell pepper puree.

purees cooling. pumpkin seeds showing off.

fruits of my labor. on the way to the freezer.
just tell yourself that is the Spanish spelling of zucchini.
the cool thing is i'll be remembering my sis's birthday every time i use these.

i ran out of bags at this point. to the fridge with you!

my project resulted in this. lucky me = we are out of water again. haha.


  1. These purees, what do you use them for?

  2. that cook book has recipes that "hides" veggie purees in all kinds of different foods (from pancakes, to chicken nuggets to brownies...). my attempt to widen Noah's palate... so far, so so! :)


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