Friday, January 28, 2011


Today, a friend of mine from here in Fresnillo wrote on Facebook: "Clouds... beautiful clouds... what a wonderful day!"

Now, this may sound odd to those of you still in the gray clutches of winter... but, we haven't had precipitation of any kind since early September. That means we've had about 5 whole months of nothin' but sunshine. Sure, it's cold now... but we still have the cheery sun greeting us every single day.

This really is mind-blowing to the Central Illinois native that I am. I mean--no rain, no snow, no nothing?? Seriously? As you can imagine... things are veeerrrryyy dry around here. (Except for our front yard which Rey still has looking shockingly green thanks to his nightly watering).

Yesterday, clouds rolled in late afternoon. Yes. After 5 months of pure blue with a white puff here or there... the clouds made an appearance. They really do feel like a presence. A rolling expanse of fluffy gray blanketing the sky. The air feels still and dampish. Sounds seem muffled.

Thankfully, this calming sensation brought by our gray sky-cover seems to have affected the babies. They have been exceptionally mellow... and were both ready for naps long before nap time rolled around.

I am hoping the rainy season holds off just 2 weeks longer. You see, our roof leaks. And so do our windows. The landlady is having things repaired at the beginning of February.

Then... I say... Let it pour!

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