Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the story of us. chapter 8

One of the worst parts of Rey living so far away was that he could never get time with my parents. Imagining that it must be hard for my dad to even give any credibility to "the Rey guy" without having met him, I began working on a trip for him, my mom and I to go to be with Rey.

And so it was, one beautiful day in December 2006, we flew back down to McAllen, TX. This time, we were met by my aunt and uncle and they gave us a ride to the deaf school.

The whole ride to the deaf school, I was worried about how Rey's and my reunion would be. Of course, I would want to just run into his arms and stay there for, oh, say 4-5 hours or so. However, I knew that wouldn't be cool to the parents who are just wrapping their minds around this fella.

When we arrived to the school, it appeared as if no one was there. While the folks unloaded the vehicle, I said I was going to run to the kitchen for a drink. I thought just maybe my man may have been there. So, heart pounding furiously, I ran to the kitchen and opened the door as slowly and quietly as I could. No one.

My heart sunk as I realized he must've still been at his house, when suddenly I felt a hug from behind. After nearly dying from fright, I realized it was Rey and screamed and laughed and hugged him as tight as I could. It was perfect to be able to be alone when we saw each other for that first time in 15 months.

Not wanting to raise any suspicions, we soon rejoined the group that was unpacking suitcases and I introduced my sweetie.

Truth be told, I don't remember all the ins and outs of this trip. I was too busy staring at Rey. Trying, hoping to memorize everything about him. The way he walked, his posture when he say. His voice. His laugh. The way his hand squeezed mine. Now knowing all too well that our time together was fleeting, it was almost torture.

This trip was about 5 days long. We had fun, going out to eat, stopping at a carnival in town. Staying overnight at the beach. Ahh.

(Photo credits to my dad)

If you can't tell what this is: At the carnival, my dad made Rey, mom
and I get on the bumper car. What ensued was a real bout of bumping
between Rey and mom--and me dying of mortification. Or something.

All spiffed up and ready to eat.

Rey, his niece Fatima and I in front of the cabins we stayed in at the beach.

Rey said he was tossing those keys back and forth so my paparrazzi dad
would see where his hands were. Haha.

Of course, this trip came to an end all too soon. Even dad got teary-eyed as we left our galant figure standing alone at the deaf school. Again.

You will all be happy to know that we would be able to see each other again in a relatively short time. In 3 months. But, of course. That would be another chapter. And believe me, that chapter is a long one!

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  1. I love your determined look and posture in the next to last picture...Rey's not going anywhere, dad! : )


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