Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the story of us, chapter 11

Rey led me into a nice restaurant and the waiter sat us at a table that happened to be exactly in front of the swinging kitchen doors. So, quiet the spot was not--but I didn't mind. We sat across from each other at a tiny table for two. I chattered on about whatever was going on. Rey was very encumbered with the menu, so I waited for him to order. The waiter came and went 4 times before Rey was able to decide on what he was going to eat. The same thing he always gets at a restaurant: steak tacos.

After the menus were taken away, we held hands across the table. Since my date seemed to be very concerned about the design choice of the curtains hanging from the windows, I became the only conversation of the night. I wondered if he was tired, or upset about something.

Then, I noticed his knee had not stopped bouncing up and down since we'd sat down. And when he began absently rubbing my ring finger between his finger and thumb--my heart began thumping stormily. Suddenly I knew. This was the night. You know--the night. That one you dream about from the time you began thinking about boys and white dresses.

My chattering went into super speed as my nerves took off; his silence became more deafening as his nerves shut him down.

The meal ended and I nervously sipped at the last of my limeade. And then it happened. A ring box appeared on the table. Rey took my hands and told me all the reasons he loved me, and asked me if I would be his wife. Of course I said yes!

Then, he popped open the box, and there was a perfect ring twinkling back at me. A round stone, just like I'd secretly hoped for. I slipped it on. It fit perfectly.

Rey threw down some money and then literally dragged me out of the restaurant, weaving around tables and waiters. He dragged me outside and around the side of the building, to a quiet part of the plaza. We sat together on a metal bench, light shining from a lamppost about 20 feet away, the stars smiling down. Rey held me in his arms, crying, and saying, "Thank you! Thank you for choosing me! Thank you for saying yes even with all we've had to go through..." All the while I am thinking, Was there ever a doubt?

And now, the details came out. How this whole night had been a conspiracy. How my cousin's "ice cream date" had actually been her guiding him to all the jewelry stores in town. I had once mentioned my preference for white gold over yellow gold. He hadn't been able to find that in his hometown and had hoped he'd find it in my aunt's town. So, the whole afternoon had been spent in frantic search for the perfect ring. Alas, he had found no white gold anywhere and was terrified that I wouldn't like it. Good thing he didn't show it to me until he already had the yes! I am completly joking--since I was in love with the ring from the first moment I saw it.

That night, as I was going to bed--I couldn't sleep for excitement. Every few minutes, I'd jump up and run to the window so that the light of the moon could iluminate my ring. Is this really happening? I wondered to myself, as I twisted and turned the glittery stone back and forth.

The next day was began by much winking and knowing eye-brow raising. We went to the baptism in the afternoon, and then went to the park so my cousin could take some engagement pictures.

That night, we got right back on the bus and headed north again.


  1. ahhhhhhhh...just read chapters 6 thru 11. I didn't want to read each one and then wait for the I cheated! :) It was worth it. I went from one to another to another.....

    DOn't know if I can do it again I can't wait to see the next one. So if you're not TOOOOOO busy Liz....maybe tonight? lol...

    Thanks again. Love this....and I think it would be a very cute movie. Meg Ryan perhaps? Or maybe Julia Roberts? Who shall be Rey?

  2. oh, my goodness marilyn! thanks for the laugh! you are so funny... mmm, for rey?? i don't know--but it would have to be someone not only sweet and charming but devastatingly good looking!! :-D


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