Sunday, July 17, 2011

the story of us, chapter 6

Rey and I spent the next whoknowshowlong cuddled up on the couch in the office. He had his arm wrapped around my shoulder, I leaned my head into his chest. And, In Spanish. I am not kidding. I mean--seriously--am I the only one that is in love with this guy? Time stood still for us as I grinned for maybe an hour straight, listening to my love softly singing to me of his love. And entertwining my hair between his fingers.

We just soaked in the moment. We were together. It was right. So right. And we also talked about a big decision: To not kiss until the day of our wedding. It seemed that putting up that perameter right from the beginning could be a big help.

After a while, my mom poked her head in and then the rest of her to see how we were doing. I am sure from our goofy grins, it was pretty obvious. But, if not, Rey told her that he'd asked me to be his girlfriend and I'd said yes. Mom didn't say much. I am sure it is an enevitable step for your kids to take, but one that comes far too soon from a parent's perspective.

We mostly just bummed around the rest of the afternoon--hey, who wanted to go anywhere? Not us! We all went to the Saturday night church service, Rey holding my hand. He even announced, during share time, that we'd become boyfriend and girlfriend. To the whole church. Now I was the abashed one.

From there, we floated back to the deaf school and promised each other with our eyes that we indeed would be able to make it a whole night without seeing each other.

Sunday morning found us all heading back to church. My brother and I accompanied Rey to his Sunday school class while my mom and aunt stayed for the adult class. After church, we rented a movie to watch. After the movie, we took my aunt to the bus station and bid her adieu. Or, probably adios. Anyways, she left. It was here, that I saw my first glimpse of Rey's gift for evangelizing come out.

We stopped at a taco stand to grab something to eat. Rey struck up a conversation with the taco man, which turned into about 45 minutes of Rey walking through what Jesus brought to the world... and left me sitting alone on a curb, munching on a taco. But, oh. It just made me love him more.

We all went back to the deaf school and got Rey's siblings to come over for a dark game of soccer. Umm. Hello? Who does that? We pulled up some cars to shine the headlights on the playing field, but it was pretty much guesswork. Some of us (cough) were playing barefoot too and managed to nearly break a toe. On a certain tall-dark-n-handsome's shin. Yeah, it was completely his fault.

Then came what seemed to be the unescapeable for us. Seperation. Monday morning came all too soon. We were to leave at 8 am for the airport. Ramon was there loading our stuff up in the van. Rey came, but said he didn't want to say goodbye, just "Hasta pronto". His eyes were puffy from crying before he came over.

We took one of our favorite pictures there in front of the deaf school. In the days and months to come, I only had to look at that picture to remember how his hug felt. His arms around me was a feeling like no other. A place of complete happiness. Calm. Security. Where I knew the heartbeat I was hearing loved me for me. And, there is nothing like that knowing.

We acted as adults and showed no emotion at our parting. We knew we'd each cry privately, but wanted to remember each other happy. The van pulled away and I didn't look back. Ramon looked at me in his rearview mirror and asked me if I was ok.

I said yes.

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