Sunday, March 13, 2011

look what Canela did today.

Yup. She brought six young'uns into the world. Nope. I haven't checked on the boy/girl ratio.

Canela is an outside dog, and today was a super-busy day. Those are my excuses for having absolutely no idea that she was giving birth today. Her home is in a corner of our storage shed, which is also where our washing machine is. This evening, I was throwing in a load of wash and Canela came over to greet me. Then, I heard little squeaks coming from the corner. No wayyyyy, I said. Oh, yes way.

I had been worrying about this whole birth thing ever since I noticed she was pregnant. Images of having to go in James Harriott style, plastic gloves on my hands, kept plaguing my thoughts. I pictured a huge mess, a suffering Canela and a general hoopla.

Instead, I found a calm Canela, clean pups, clean shed. What happened to all the... stuff?? I wondered. I'll just be happy Canela knew what to do. :)

Of course, Noah thinks this is all pretty cool:

Who doesn't love baby pups?? Awww... so cute. And I love that several of them have the white marking on their foreheads....

The darkest one (on the far right) seems to be the one that's the most out of sync with the rest. His drum must be beating to a different song. We'll see how it all works out.

So far, Canela is managing like a pro.


  1. Awww! Baby animals are the cutest. I still remember when our cat gave birth to her kittens in my parents' closet. :)

    And I know what she did with the mess. ;)

  2. Rachel, you always crack me up. congrats liz!?!? what are you d oing with all the puppies? are you planning on getting her fixed now?!!! are you coming to IL?

  3. rach-- there's a reason you knew nothing about this until now... ;)

    sarah-- i kinda imagined what she did with it, and was glad i didn't see. ;)

    amy-- i'm guessing we'll sell them for like $2 or something. it seems like if people have to pay a little bit for stuff, they treat it better. we've been wanting to get her fixed, but haven't b/c of the cost... ha! maybe we'll pay it in puppy care. (doubt it, tho!) would LOVE to come to IL... but still don't have anything definite.


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