Wednesday, March 9, 2011

it's not about what i do.

I love this blog post. I remember coming to this realization with Noah. But, I gotta admit there are days I feel like I am not living up to what I perceive are God's expectations of me. Do any other mommas of young ones struggle with this?? I feel like my "alone" times are so few that all I want to do many times is stare at a white wall and nibble on my nails. There are times I feel guilty coming to God in prayer, because I know I haven't even opened my Bible in days.

It is comforting to know that God knows me. Is there with me in my tiredness. He hears my "prayers" of, "Thank you!" or "Help!"--and they count. It kinda makes ya want to spend more time with Him, no? Once you get it out of your mind that He is mad about your "lack" in the spiritual department.

There truly is no God as marvelous and perfect as ours.


  1. Liz - I can remember when our kids were little and 6 of them coming every other year, I felt like I was not communicating with the Lord like I should have been. Sleeping when I tried to read or praying by my bed at night - but I knew He was with me because He got me through it.And now I can read and pray all day and night. As they say, "This too shall pass." He loves you, Liz and so do I. Dot

  2. Dot said it all. : )
    I've been learning about how much God emphasizes MEDITATING on Him, His words and what He's done. It's great to choose a single verse and post it in my kitchen so I can think about it as I work. I'm not looking up the Greek definitions of words or cross-referencing passageds, but I'm still learning and being fed. : )
    Also, prayer is something I'm working on spending more time doing, again, while doing laundry or dishes. My "quiet times" aren't very quiet, but it really helps me!
    Love you.

  3. PS. I like the fresh new blog look! : )

  4. thanks so much, ladies, for your words of encouragement!! it is always great to know others have been/are in the same place as I am.

    love to you...


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