Thursday, November 4, 2010

you can't fool me.

You might say otherwise... but I know this is what you get when you pick up a package marked "1/2 chicken" at the supermarket:

I am not sure I even know what those organs are... liver? The evil Chicken Heart?? Haha.

All I know is, it took a lot of will power to overcome the gag reflex when I was pregnant and cooking up chicken.



  1. YUUUCK!!!! I would not be buying any more chicken. seriously! Is this how it always comes?

  2. Thats a foot I think, and we process about 100 or so a year here. And we often leave the heart,liver, and gizzard, after cleaning, with the chicken as it is good in the stuffing we make. I know Yuk but we live on a farm and it is the way of it. Acctually except for the chicken foot Oops its not all that bad and it is very clean. It might make for some good soup stock. Just Kidding! Now I am sure you are so happy I just didn't sit here.......saying nothing!:)

  3. rach-- i don't remember it coming this way at the border... but, here that's how the 1/2 chicken comes. you can by just legs, just thighs, just wings...etc--but for the full mix you go with the... full mix. if you get my meaning. haha

    christy-- yes! i recognized the foot... it is just the organs to the left and right of the foot i am not sure about. :) i actually DO use this mix for soups... i cook it all together, and then take out those 3 not-so-visually-appealing pieces before serving. that way we are still getting all the goodness, right? :) ah! and yes! thanks for commenting! ;-D

  4. rach... "you can *buy* just..."


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