Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pet peeve.

Wanna know what gets my goat these days? I'm sure in a few years it will be something else. But, right now, it's this:

When Noah has having some kind of huge tantrum in public because we haven't given him an ice cream cone/a candy bar/whatever he wants... and we are dealing with it... and a small crowd of people forms that are all crooning:

"Ohhhh. Poor thing. What are you doing to him? What do you want, my love? This?? This?? Let me buy you a sucker..."

I don't know, 'cause I ain't never raised kids in the US-- does this happen there? It just makes my blood boil, because it's like: "Thanks for totally un-teaching the lesson I was trying to teach him. Mainly: You can't always have your way."

Why do people stick their noses over and take over parenting here?

Don't get it. Don't like it. I'm getting that angry feeling in my I better stop writing about this before things get ugly.


  1. Nope. People usually just glance out of the corners of their eyes and either look sorry for you or irritated at the commotion... Sorry about the big tantrum today. : (

  2. actually... they were Sunday and yesterday...and about every time we go out. :) today, i was smart and haven't gone out. ;)


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