Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beginnings... and continuance

Last night, as I was waiting for Rey to get back from some late-night painting on the new house, I happened to lift my gaze to the skies. And I remembered something about our wedding.

We prepared for our wedding over the phone. When I asked Rey what thing(s) he really wanted in the wedding--one of the things he said was "a full moon". (I should say we were originally wanting a beach wedding.) So, we looked at the calenders and August 25 was a full moon. Last night--the moon was as full and beautiful as it was the night we pulled away from our wedding reception.

It's my anniversary--our anniversary, I should say.

I think back to what I was doing three years ago... Wedding day!

So, Rey and I had decided not to kiss each other until the day we were married. It wasn't the easiest of commitments. Rey actually decided to refer to kisses as "chocolates" (think: Hershey's kisses) because he thought if he said the word "kiss" it might break down his defenses. Hah.

Well, little did Rey know that I had planned a little kissing surprise. You see, I didn't really want the whole world to spy on our first kiss--I mean, how unfair is that? So, for months I had been planning to kiss Rey on our wedding day, just not at the wedding.

My plan: Go pick him up super early on our wedding day and say there was something I had to show him. Drive him to a nearby walking path along a lake. Walk to a dock on the lake and take in the sunrise. Present him with a ring box that had a Hershey kiss inside and voila! Fireworks, baby. Right??

Everything went according to plan--until I gave him the ring box. He opened it and kind of chuckled before shutting it and putting it down. He went back to looking at the lake.

"Do you know what that means?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said, heaving a big sigh. "I can't wait till the wedding this afternoon."

Me, moaning inwardly: "It's our wedding day."

Him: "Yeah, I know." Still enjoying the sunrise.

Ok, folks. To make a long story short--he totally didn't get that I meant, "Hey, baby--let's enjoy our wedding gift to each other now." He said he was just so used to telling his brain, "Nothing until the wedding" that the idea of a kiss then never came into his mind. So, don't worry. I showed him what I meant. Heheh.

Moving on. Took Rey back to the house he was staying at and I went back to mine. We had a wedding practice that morning, and then went back to our houses again to get ready for the event! The other surprise I had for Rey involved my entrance.

He had often mentioned how much he loved this song--and I thought it would be awesome to play as I came down the "aisle" (it was an outdoor wedding in a wooded area, so I actually walked down a wooded path and through the grass, the best kind of aisle!). I get kind of choked up just listening to it. :) It is a song based on the song of Solomon's "woman" in Song of Solomon. "If you see my beloved, tell him I sick from longing for him, and I can't sleep...."

The ceremony was perfect--in Spanish and English with songs sung by people dear to us. And, the rest, as they say, is history!

Our first anniversary:
Noah was 3 months old. The plan had been to leave him with one of Rey's younger sisters and go out to eat after Rey got off work. Noah spent the whole day screaming and not sleeping, so I didn't feel that I could leave him with someone else. So, Rey picked up some yummy eats from a restaurant and we watched our wedding video.

Second anniversary:
I was about 3 month pregnant with Aleni. My aunt and uncle watched Noah for the day and we went to a cool, mountainous area where we took in the sight, picnicked, and read each other reasons why we love each other. Watched the wedding video at night while we ate chicken Rey had grilled up.

Third anniversary:
Today! I find myself "un-pregnant" and without a newborn! ;) We are in the middle of moving house...and there is a 3-day evening conference at church we want to catch. So, we plan to copy another person's idea, and write each other new vows and read them to each other tonight. I'm thinking: Coffee, donuts, candlelight on the roof... It will be great!

I love our life. I love that we have 2 babies, and are on our 4th move in our 3 years of marriage. I love that we are more in love with each other and understand each other more than we did 3 years ago. I love that we still find each other ridiculously funny and that we still find each other to be the most attractive person we know.

I love that--after going through some high and low waters... after experiencing challenges that might have bent or broken some marriages--God has carried us, and I still respect and adore my husband without reserve.

Here's to 80 more years! ;)


  1. Oh wonderful... I'm so glad you posted a link to your blog on your facebook! I didn't know you had this! Congratulations, happy anniversary, and hugs~


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