Friday, July 2, 2010


Today, a friend and I visited another friend (Beatriz) who has been told she is in the last stages of cancer. Beatriz is a hard-working woman who has been sick for many months, but has defiantly kept going out with Rey to evangelize in the communities and continued hosting a Feeding Center in her home on Saturday mornings, as well as keeping up with household duties.

We found her curled in the fetal position, in a coat and under thick blankets--although the house was comfortably warm. She'd been at the hospital all morning doing tests, and was resting before going back in the afternoon for results and more tests.

She talked about the stages of emotions she has been through--disbelief, utter despair, anger... and now... she feels at peace with God. Hopeful that He will heal her, and ready to submit to whatever happens.

As we visited and prayed with her, I thought of how fragile indeed is this life. How we truly have no control over it. How everything seems to come into stark focus when we are grasping at that thin thread that is life.

Since I am somewhat of a hopeless, sappy romantic, I have a playlist entitled "Romantic Songs". Yes, I do. I was listening to it, and this song came on... and unbidden tears pricked my eyes.

I am thankful to live in a home where "I love you's" float around in the air like the flies in my kithen... It was the idea of the unknown, the "what if" that caught my emotion tonight.

Let's live today well, shall we?

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