Saturday, June 12, 2010

An Ode.

You know--there are sisters. And then there are sisters. Like there are women. And there are ladies. One is so merely by genetic happenstance, and the other is by choice. And that choice makes them sweeter, richer, and oh, so wonderful.

My thoughts have been with my sister these days. Rach has been my sister ever since I can remember... haha. She was born 3 years before me, thereby gaining the title of "older sister" and becoming a wealth of "been there" knowledge for this little sister.

Growing up, we were not without our "typical" older-younger squabbles, but this sisterhood has turned into something precious and without equal.

Rachel is my closest friend. The one I can tell the most intimate, grossest things to (heck, she already has seen me at my worst) and that I save up my best stories for.

She is my biggest defender, ally and encourager. She is also the voice of honesty in a world that often shies away from the idea.

No one can reduce me to "ugly laughing" like she can (see?? Oh, my...this is almost too scary to post...), nor can relate so closely to my struggles.

Though we are virtual opposites, and this difference made it hard for us to understand each other as young things--these differing views have helped make our lives deeper and more joyful.

I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Love ya, sister!! And miss you like crazy...


  1. Thanks so much Liz! How nice of you to post this on the day I forgot it was *our* day. :( Love you and miss you tons.

    Ps. To the bottom pic: "get that girl some bangs!!!" :)

    Also, love the blog's new look!

  2. ha... well, technically i wrote this before i was "forgotten". i may have to revise some things now, bwahahah...

    ps--i think you look gorge
    pss--thx! i've been getting ideas from other peeps...


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