Monday, June 14, 2010

Attitude DOES Matter

On Saturday night, me and my man watched the movie, Faith like Potatoes. As a good friend said, it can be hard to find a Christian film that doesn't leave one rolling her eyes at how unrealistic the "spiritual convos" are and at how bad the acting is. But, I've gotta say, this movie really touched me, and has me thinking still.

It is a story based on the life of a Scottish farmer who happens to be farming in Africa. At the beginning, he does not have a relationship with Jesus, and later on--he does. This movie made me laugh and cry and it inspired me. Why? Because the man character really believes in a thing called "relationship with God". With communing with Him, wherever you might be. With really listening for specific directions from Him, and then following those directions whole-heartedly, even if everyone around you counsels against it.

This man had faith, big faith. And it was joyful faith. His life was an adventure--with very real lows and agonies--but an adventure nonetheless. A kind of living where "anything is possible".

It made me realize how lately my faith-attitude has not been one of "adventure". It had been more in the suffering, tenacious hold-- "One of these days, everything will be ok."

We (the Sánchez family) are on a faith adventure. We have followed God's voice here to central Mexico--without Bible School, without full funding, without even a house that we can really call "ours". And, God has been more than faithful to us.

I was noting all these things, but not joyfully. More like trying to stuff feelings of "How can we better this situation?"

After watching this movie, I realized what a shame it was that I had sunk to this position. I consciously decided to joy in the situation I am in. To be excited and expectant to see how God is going to pour out His blessings on us--rather than seeing if I've checked out "all available options".

And let me tell you, since that day of a subtle-yet-huge shift of focus and attitude, God has provided in huge and wonderful ways. A couple people have written, saying they would be giving us one-time gifts. A large check that it seemed the bank had lost weeks ago just came up "found" (I mean--does that happen??).

I am just rejoicing in what God can do, and does. I am excited to be in the story He is writing and just waiting to see what He is going to surprise us with next!

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