Wednesday, August 10, 2011

glorious morn--encouraged by growth...

Morning shadows are long shadows. They are shadows that stretch out long behind you as you march toward the sun, or shadows that lean out in front as you walk away. Morning sun is a bright sun, a sun new and full of energy and promise.

Crisp mornings are meant to be spent outside, beneath that newly awakened star--making those stretchy shadows. Cool mornings call us out, beg us to breathe in their reviving essence and allow our eyes to twinkle from the light falling dappled through the tree branches.

There is something grounding about being outside on a morning such as this. About walking through a wooded park, listening to the birds' cheerful twitters and seeing the flutters and swoops of bird and butterfly in the fields. The breeze tickles our memories of childhood campouts, playing with friends. The earthy smell of leaves and moist ground arises and awakens thoughts and ideas that would have never lifted their groggy heads had they been kept indoors.

Having my two precious gifts out with me on a morning like this could only make this experience better. Especially when accompanied by my new BFF, the double stroller. We rolled and crunched our way down winding roads, exclaiming over the wonders of nature that stretched out before us every way we looked.

And I marveled most over the wonder of what was just inches from my finger tips. I looked amazed at my babies now not so small. I wondered at their sturdy bodies, ever growing, now sitting calm in the pure joy of being out. I smiled as I realized that even if most days it may not feel like it's true--these children are learning. And growing, And maturing.

They are learning to love and respect each other. They are learning to be at peace. They are learning to stand in awe of God's creation.

Lord, on hard days--let me remember the happy moments. Such as these.

Big brother chatting with baby sis:

Noah being okay with the fact that Aleni is very possessive of the snack bag.

A kid who once couldn't tolerate getting his picture taken has decided it's really fun to yell "cheese!" for the camera:

Which inspires his little sister to do her own version:

And then just be her own gorgeous self:

It appears Noah didn't get the "this-is-a-silly-face-picture" memo:

Noah was being goofy and wanted us to take a picture like this. How was I to know it'd look like I was his drill sergeant? ;)
Sometimes the baby of the family has to be the mature one:

Noah has one more silly face up his sleeve:

Noah can do some amazing imitations. He and daddy-o must have been watching baseball together:

"Here's the wind-up..." (complete with foot scuffing)

...And the pitch!" :)

And, P.S Lord? Let them remember the cool mornings, too.


  1. ou could have stayed out all day. It's 2:00 and it's still beautiful!Let's not forget it, when it heats up again :)

  2. Ahhhhh, that was so very sweet. Thank you for all the pictures. Noah's faces were worth a thousand words.


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