Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yeah, so here goes another post wherein I don't talk too much about the decision. Maybe because it's all I think about, talk about and breathe these days so I really don't want to write about it. Maybe next time.

Yesterday. Being our day off, we got our spectacular-and-soon-to-be-sorely-missed babysitter over first thing in the morning (before the bebés were awake) and we went downtown to sell again. We set up shop, and.... nothin'.

Last time we sold downtown, it was nonstop action. This time, it was nonstop yawns.

And, it was booooiiiillliiiinnnnggggg hot. We happened to be set up on the sunny side of the street (which sounds a lot nicer in song than in reality, we've found). No shade.

I told you I'd give you the down-low on the sun sometime and here it comes. You see, I know mid-westerners tend to scoff at those who slather on sunscreen and don wide-brimmed hats. "Sissies", we whisper to each other. "Wimps," we snort.

I worked at an outside job for 7 summers and used to snort and whisper with the rest of 'em. Now, I put on a hat, super high blocking sunscreen and long sleeves if I'm going to be in the sun all day.

Think about it. The midwest is humid, low altitude and a bit farther from the sun than Zacatecas. I know it seems weird to say at 7,000 feet you are closer to the sun, but you are. And the air is thin and dry-- meaning there's none of that UV protection that humidity provides. And, with the heat being dry, you don't sweat... so heat fatigue and sickness are a very real deal.

So, Rey and I tried to hunker down in whatever scraps of shade we could find (I tried to duck into the shade his body was making, but it didn't work too good). The sides of our faces and necks felt like they were on fire, so we put shirts over our heads. It's a cute look. Try it!

The good thing was, in between gasping like a fish out of water, Rey and I did get some time to just sit and talk without interruptions. If you have kids, I don't need to elaborate on this! :)

Finally, I said, "It's our day off. Why throw it away if no one is buying? Let's close up earlier."

Rey wasn't too sure.

Then, a truck drove by announcing last night as the last night of the circus.

"Let's go to the circus," I said, rather giddily (can't say if it was "yay, circus" giddiness, or "my brain is literally fried" giddiness).

Rey, as always, played along with my whim and we packed up shop.

Rey took our babysitter home and then went to get tickets for the circus.

Here's the fun "we live in Mexico" twist: We wanted to get the cheap tickets (about $2.50). To get those, you had to buy them from the guy driving the truck. How do you find this truck?

Well, Rey drove around the downtown area for about an hour and couldn't find them.

So, it looked like there would be no circus.

Then, around 5:40, I heard it! The truck! Really close to our house! I had been hanging up laundry out back and came shrieking into the house. Rey was already shoving his feet into some shoes and grabbing his keys.

15 minutes later, he came back and triumphantly slapped 3 tickets into my hand. We were on. The event started in ten minutes--yikes! I slid the supper I'd been making into the fridge, threw some stuff in a diaper bag and we were off.

On the way, we talked about how bad it could be. The kids could totally hate it. It could be boiling inside that tent. The show could be really cheap. We could have to leave within the first 20 minutes because one of the kids is overwhelmed...

We've gotten excited about a lot of things and then come away dissapointed, so we were just trying to let ourselves down easy.

But! We got there... after the door man rolled his eyes at our "cheap" tickets and huffed and puffed at us for not upgrading them, we clambered up the rickety steps to the top section. When the show started, pretty much everyone was in the top/"cheap" section and about 10 people were scattered around in the "good" seats.

We loved our seats. We could see everything really well, but it wasn't so close that it was overwhelming. The temperature was comfortable. The kids were enthralled in the circus from the time it started to the time it stopped.

The show was great. They had different animal shows mixed with people doing some pretty amazing stunts. Like superman strength kind of stunts. Or juggling a huge thing with their feet while juggling flaming batons in their hands. Or flying around the stage hanging on to a hoop hanging from the ceiling. Or making 4 Siberian tigers do different tricks--including jumping through a ring o' fire... I could go on. But, it was basically 2 hours of fun, and we all enjoyed ourselves a lot.

I liked yesterday.


  1. Ha ha, the difference between the cheap and expensive in those things cracks me up! You could pay 10x as much to sit 3 feet closer.

  2. So,any clowns? I know that's what YOU were there for! : )



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