Friday, April 1, 2011


So, this is what things are looking like around here.

I know, I know. Gasps of horror. I hope you aren't eating as you read this. I really do. I'm sorry. What can I say? I grew up with 7 brothers and am interested by grossness.

Wait... you're still reading. Oh, cool! Check out this angle:

Today, Rey and I stood out on a street in front of a downtown church and sold. All day. Here, with the altitude being over 6,000 feet--the sun don't mess. It don't play. It ain't no joke. It's for real. More on that in another post, perhaps.

With that being said, even though standing in the sun all day was sweltering, Rey and I both wore hats, long pants and long sleeved shirts. I've been burned enough times here to know I don't want it to happen again. I told myself I would funnel the heat out through my feet and decided to wear flip flops.

I think the flip flops did help the over-heating issue, but as you can see--they didn't do much for the "clean skin" department. And, by about mid-day, they were roasted into little crispies.

Yeah, so that's how things are looking, but let me tell ya...

We are feeling fine. As in really good. Sooo good, actually.

Why? Because, in the first time in whoknowshowlong we are completely and utterly out of debt. It has felt like we have owed something to someone every day for the longest time. It has been overwhelming, depressing and overshadowing.

Can someone get us on Dave Ramsey to do the shout? Yes? No? Ok.

And-and-and! The one last thing that was a worry to me as far as leaving here was that we will be leaving a few months before our one year contract us up at this house we are renting. We were hoping and praying the landlady would give us some grace--considering all the money and work we have put into making her house oh-so-lovely. Guess what? She just called and said it was fine!

Anyhoo. We are so blessed to be at this place. We feel like we could just float.... off to sleep. :)

But first--- was it you that was going to give me that pedicure?? ;)

PS--I know you all would like to hear more about "the decision"... and you will. Maybe. If I can keep my eyes open and get my brain to focus on one thing long enough. You will.


  1. I'd gladly wash your feet if I could!
    when are you headed north? because we'll be at the border in mcallen soonish- April 27-May 4, then to Omaha, and then back from May 17 on. Will we see you?

    I rejoice with you, even in the hard stuff, friend. :-)

  2. Kristy-- you are so sweet! :)
    that is sooo cool! we will be at the border exactly when you will be... we will be there for sure from May 13--May 24.. maybe a little longer depending on some details. would love to see you all! :)

    thanks for the kind words...

  3. woot! do you have my email? we'll get a local number, eventually... would LOVE to see you both! let's plan on it, ok?


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