Saturday, February 26, 2011

sell outs.

We aren't. Really. It was just a fun title.

Most of you know that we have not been able to raise anywhere near what we need to live here. It is really the grace of God that keeps us going. But, it also can create a pressing stress when it comes to any financial thing.

A couple of months ago, we were stuck. We had way more bills than we had the ability to pay. So we decided to sell some non-essentials. Things we don't really need today-- like that stove we had, when this house came with a stove. Or (*sniff*) all our baby clothes that had been outgrown. Or clothes we didn't use that often. Or that TV screen (who needs a 36" when you have an 8"?). Or that cozy robe (sweaters work just fine). Don't need this stroller when I have 2 strong arms. Thinning out some of Noah's toys worked, too. "We don't really need these frames, or those cups, or..."

Using this approach, we were able to put out a couple tables of stuff and hang some things on our fence and have a fine garage sale.

However, we soon ran out of non-essentials.

I then remembered something I had done to help us out financially when we lived in Rio Bravo: Selling for people. I asked around among our friends if anyone had stuff they'd like to sell. I'd offer to sell it for them and split it 50-50. Works out good because we always have "new" stuff to sell, and they are getting a little something for doing nothing.

We usually try to put out our little "thrift shop" at least once on the weekend, depending on Rey's schedule. We seem to sell best on Saturdays.

Days we sell are crazy days. "Hit the floor running and don't stop 'till it's over" kind of days. Days that our bed looks like this. All day.

It is always a juggling game. It takes about an hour of running to get everything out and ready to sell... stepping over and around little helpers that want to pull clothes off tables and tags off of clothes. Taking turns gobbling down breakfast, lunch, supper.

The other great thing about doing this selling is we get to meet our neighbors and somewhat form relationships with them. That is huge.

We put out our shop today. Oh, my. What were we thinking? As you see, we live on a dusty dirt road. Made even dustier by 5 months without any kind of rain. And today was sooo windy. I'm guessing it was gusting around 30 mph. Clothes were flying around. You couldn't see the end of the street. Craziness.

As we packed up stuff in the afternoon, I told Rey it looked like we'd been trying to do business on the beach. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g was coated it sandy dirt. Ni modo ("oh well"), we had to try!

Now, the dust has (literally and figuratively) settled. Everything is back to where it should be, windows and doors shut, house swept. I found myself finally making our bed about 7 pm. I know, I know. What's the point.... But, it really helps me feel like I can settle in and relax when everything is "as it should be" (for the most part!).

So, now... me and my baby are gonna settle in with a big bowl of veggie soup and a movie someone gave us. And we are going to relax!

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  1. that is the best blog I've read all day. Oh, to be young again. Your energy amazes me! Love, Dot and John


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