Tuesday, December 7, 2010

why, yes i am! thank you!

You remember that one popular song:
"You're so vaaain
You pro'lly think this blog is aboutchoo
You're so vaaaaiiiinnn!"

So, yes. I guess I am. And I do.

Because, I had to get pictures for my Mexican visa a couple of weeks ago. It went with the same lady Rey and Aleni did... and she was just as picky with me.

The requirements for the shot was one straight-on shot and one profile shot. All hair had to be pulled away from the face. No jewelry. No make-up. No smiling.

Talk about out of my comfort zone for picture-taking. I mean, hello. My grand-babies could be looking at this picture years from now... Also, haven't you read that verse in the Bible:

"Likewise, ye women, adorn thyself with the longest hair possible so as to cover the unseemly parts of your face during picture taking."

Anyhoo. I submit one shot. And, being vain as I am, I only submit the profile shot. Because the other one was skeery.

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