Saturday, May 15, 2010

Remembering to revel...

Recently, I've realized that I really enjoy being stinky and covered in any combination of slobber, spit-up, snot and tears. Deep down inside.

Ya know why?

Because those are the little badges of mommyhood given to me by my very own munchkins, and even if some days I moan when I see a mirror, I am coming to see that this has it's own very special beauty.

I am so glad I have babies.

Babies keep me humble. Nothing like a temper tantrum in the middle of the store or a baby out of his/her comfort zone to make you think twice before you judge another momma.

Babies keep me accessible. It is incredible how toting a baby on your hip automatically makes people feel they can talk to you more easily. And how it makes ME want to talk to THEM. (What?? An ADULT???)

Babies keep me young. When else could I have a legitimate excuse to clamber through the McDonald's playland or gyrate to a kid's music video? I ask you.

Babies keep me smiling. How can I not? When I look at those big beautiful eye framed by awesomely long lashes. When a roly-poly doll-baby beams her face-splitting grin up at me. When he does something mischievously goofy just to see me smile... how can I not?

Babies keep me full of awe. Really? Truly? All of this personality... beauty... life... come from my own body? This little tyke is the same little 8 pounder that keep me up nights??

Babies teach me what love is. They teach me what it is to dream big for little lives. They teach me that I want to live a better life, so they can have a better example. They teach me to reach out in empathy-- to cry with others, laugh with others.

I can truly say babies are a gift. I can truly say they have changed me forever.

Now, I'm off to change a diaper.


  1. Aww. That is so good! Such a great reminder! :) I'm glad you're enjoying your babies...hey, if you can enjoy them during 3 months of traveling, you can enjoy them any time!!! :)
    Love you,

  2. You really encourage me with all the energy you and Rey have with the children. You both love them so much it is a blessing to know you.

  3. rach-- that's what i'm thinking! ;)

    christie--thanks!! you are a pretty energetic momma too! :)


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