Thursday, May 20, 2010

Family Defined

Our trip through the US these last couple months have given me many things on which to reflect. We met so many people who gave us so many new insights, new experiences and new friendships.

One of the things that seemed to be wherever we went was this idea of family. What really makes a family? Should you only call people who are related to you by blood "aunt", "grandpa" or "sis"? Or are we all related anyways--thanks to Adam...and to Jesus for making us one in Him?

Since I was a teenager I have longed to adopt. I've always seen myself with a large (reasonably large, I should say) ;) diverse family. A family connected by love and diverse in background and ability... but united by the knowledge that they all belonged to each other.

I have come to understand that adoption is not as "beautiful" in Mexico as it is in the US. That is to say, the cultural viewing here seems to be more like, "You adopt when you need an extra servant around the house." Or that the adopted child is inherantly less than the other family members. When I'd try to bring up the adoption issue to Rey, he just couldn't picture it. "I don't want the child to feel less loved, and I don't know if I honestly would love another child as my own."

Rather than loftily telling Rey how "unspiritual" he was, I applauded his honesty and just decided it would have to be something God showed him--and perhaps it wasn't even in God's plan for me. Maybe it was just in my plan for me, which would have desastrous results anyway if I proceeded.

On this trip, I don't know how many families we have interacted with that had either adopted members or member who were just "understood" to be family--even some movies we happened to see on the trip spoke to this issue. One large family in particular had such a diverse makeup that we immediatly were swept into their family. We were made to feel special and loved from the moment we walked in their doors. I truly believe it is because of the unconditional and unqualified love modeled by the parents, that the children then showed that same love to anyone.

That is what I imagined in my mind when I imagined a family made up of not just "blood-children", and I am so grateful that Rey was able to see these beautiful examples of God's love. How God has called us to love all and how God has brought us into His own family regardless of our race, gender or status. How can we not but do the same??

I am not saying we have a direction we are taking at this point. But, I can see that God is opening hearts, and perhaps putting us on a path towards an end I desire.

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