Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, we had snow here yesterday. I know! In Mexico! Not a complete shock, because we'd been told it sometimes happens here in the mountains.

We didn't get much accumulation, but a lot of the fluffy stuff came down throughout the morning. It was beautiful. I wondered if Noah would notice what was going on outside. And then I saw this:

He stayed like this for about 15 minutes (an eternity for a toddler!). He'd press his nose against the glass and fog it up with his breath. He'd look at us to see if we saw what he saw. And, he just took in the wonder of a first snowfall.

And then, deep in thought, slowly... he began to clap.

And it made me smile.


  1. What a good reminder to slow down and enjoy today...before it's gone!

    Thanks, Noah! :)


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