Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reflections on Girl Babies

Whenever anyone hears we're having a girl...they always seem so estatic. Almost relieved. They give me that special, insider's look that says, "You finally got what you really wanted."

And, I am super excited to be having a girl. But, I think deep-down I was kind of feeling like a baby boy would be easier. There's the obvious, shallow reason: way less new clothing needed! But, I honestly feel more nervous about the parenting aspect with a girl.

I feel like I "get" boys a little more (it could possibly have something to do with the fact I have 7 bros and only 2 sisters). I feel like this world is even more scary for girls than ever, and will I be able to be the example and influence that she needs to be strong and pure? Confident and holy? Will I be strong enough to remain steady in her turbulant "becoming-a-woman" years?

I guess these issues are pretty far away at this point, but I can't help thinking about them. It's probably a good time to be working on becoming the woman I would like my girl to be...and praying up for the wisdom I am gonna be needing!


  1. Yes yes yes of course you will.

    But you have 7 brothers and 2 sisters? Oh my gosh. That is worthy of further bloggy attention.

  2. Thanks, Rachel. :)

    Yep, I have a truck-load of siblings! I'm #3... Rey has 3 sis and 5 bros, and he's #2, so we're pretty similar in that way. We've both agreed to let the parents "win" on the family size thing! ;)

  3. I feel the same way about theory. But it's been really easy with Eva so far. I think the big picture scares me, but the day to day comes naturally.
    You'll do a great job!!! Remember: you're the sweet, sensitive one. ;)


  4. Yeah, I know I'm gonna totally love the little girl stage!! And, hopefully by the time "in-between girl" comes along, I'll be able to compartmentalize my sensitivity!! ;)

  5. My sister-in-law was relieved when she had her boy, and wants the next one to be a boy too! I've wondered what I would do if I ever have a "girly girl." Please, no pink tutus! Only pink soccer uniforms! ;)

    But God's grace is sufficient for whatever your kids turn out to be like. He will guide them and protect them in this world, and give you and Rey the strength and wisdom to be the best parents you can be to your little girl.

  6. You're so right about God's grace!! Thanks!

    Hah... pink soccer uniforms. :-P I'm actually looking forward to the "fun" girl's clothes part. Boys clothes are just jeans and a tshirt and that's it (which is great in the "easy" way...but have you SEEN some of those sooooo-cute baby girl stuff they have??) ;)


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