Monday, October 17, 2016

Spilled Cereal

I realized today-- After the bowl of milk went flying,
And I (finally/at last/this once)
Chose the grace-filled response-- And I found myself under the table On hands and knees:
"This is my life. I am marking the days of my living Wiping the sticky off; Extending grace, Bowing low in service to my family-- Wiping up cereal I am thankful to have Off a floor I am thankful to have... A mess made by the ones I love." Cleaning up messes & spills.
Sometimes of the milk variety,
Sometimes of the people variety Doing this with love, tenderness and mindful gratitude .... When I stop and consider this From my place on my knees, My eyes sting with grateful tears
And my heart takes note-- Almost breathless at the thought:
Sometimes cleaning up spilled milk with grace is the most sacred way you could spend the moments of your life.

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