Friday, June 10, 2011


Nope. Not a disease. It's just what has me amazed these days.

CDD. That is: Closets, dishwasher and dryer.

I feel like a different person with these 3 items in my life. My Mexico house had 1 (one... like a single finger) closet. This house has 4 great closets and around 10 cabinets. Wow! Talk about organization! And the dishwasher? My kitchen looks clean even though there is a pile of dirty dishes hiding behind that shiny black door. And the clothes dryer. Well, let me just say I have never minded hanging out laundry--but I also had forgotten how much time the process adds to the laundry experience.

I like my three little maids.


  1. I know a little about this. I can't wait to get a dishwasher! It's amazing how quickly the stack of dishes can pile up on the counter. Our house has 3 closets, but they are tiny bedroom closets. I would be so excited to have any kind of extra closet with real shelves for things other than clothes!

  2. Ugh. Not fun. The hard part about no dishwasher is I felt like the kitchen always looked messy--even when the dishes on the counter were just clean ones drying. :-/ Hey--whenever you want you can come over and use my C & D! heh heh...

  3. I hear you sister! I have regained 2 out of 3, but after all, there are 7 dishwashers in my house, right? :-)
    I'm still not quite over how wonderful my bed is though...


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