Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They just don't, ok??

I like to smile. And, I like visitors. But, let me show you some visitors that don't make me smile.

Oh, yeah. And, that's not even the biggest of 'em. It's some kind of moth--but, the first time one flew at me, I thought it was a bird, then a bat. Whatever it was had me running and screaming.

I don't know if they live in grassier areas--because I never saw them in our other apartment, and here I generally spot about 3 a day in various parts of the house.

For example, after killing the fella featured above, I walked around the corner and saw this guy up on the beam next to the ceiling. Eww.

And I hate how they die, too. You can't just whack them and it's over with. No, it usually takes about 10-15 whacks (not kidding). They whole time, the creature is whooshing around in unpredictable dive-bomb patterns while shedding all over the place. It is horrifying, terrible.

And after spotting the one above, I walked about 3 steps more and saw this one. Thought you'd like to see some of the furniture to kind of compare sizes. I'm nice that way.

Actually, that picture is somewhat of a two-fer. You get to see the creature... and what our living room walls look like in this "prepping stage".

Back to the moth: Imagine sleeping, and hearing this hairy beast bumping against the ceilings and walls in your room. Utter disgustingness. That's when you pull the covers over your head, shove the hubby out of bed with your foot (ever so gently) so he can kill it.... and dream of screened windows.

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