Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lookin' good...

Real-life conversation that took place between myself and my prince charming yesterday evening.

(prince): "Aren't you going to get a shower today?"
(me): "I did."
(snorting disdainfully): "You did? Nooooo. No you didn't."
(rather offended): "Yes, I did."
(still disdainful): "When?"
(more offended): "This morning at like 10."
(another snort): "No you didn't."
(near tears): "Yes, I did. I took a shower. I changed clothes. I blew dry my hair. I put make-up on. And THIS is what I get?"
(realizing he may be on thin ice): "Hmmm..."

How much trouble do you think he was in?
Ah, and match that with the comment he made a while ago about not being attracted to me for my "physical qualities"!! Yeah, he's sleeping on the patio these days.


  1. hahahaha! Yes, well, once my husband asked me what my "goal" was with the new bangs I cut. And then he saw a bright light, and begged God to let him live again (not unlike George Bailey), and then God sent him back. But I did kill him, I swear. Thanks for adding my blog to your list. :) Your life seems very, very cool.

  2. Rachel--that is hilarious. I can totally picture it. Just thought you should know how I came to be your official stalker--er, follower. Traci Depree recommended you--her daughter Megan was staying w/ us for a couple mos.
    Love your blog--it has had me laughing till I cried more than once!

  3. Oh, awesome! I love making bloggy friends through real friends. :)


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