Monday, May 9, 2011

today looks like...

The countdown is officially on. In exactly 3 days, we will be heading north--jumping into this next chapter of our life. The last weeks have been spent in consuming, frantic preperation. Trying to set up your life across a continent can be a daunting task. Trying to get all your household things sold in time, getting things packed around to energetic toddlers, deciding what stays and what goes--can be pretty overwhelming.

But, today is looking pretty relaxed.

It looks like the traditional "Daddy-Noah snuggle time" which almost always includes a reading of "The Mitten".

(Noah reacting to the bear sneezing...)

It looks like Aleni getting in on the reading action:

It looks like newly trimmed baby girl bangs. I did not want to do bangs... but, after weeks of unsuccessfully trying to keep the hair out of her eyes, the scissors came out.

It looks like junk around the edges... waiting for a home.

It looks like a ministry table serving as a dining table, crumbs left over from the yummy bread Rey brought home to go with....

...our stove-top coffee:

It looks like Aleni's-room-turned-disaster-area-- aka "the packing zone". Will it fit? It looks like beds replaced with pack-and-plays, matresses on the floor.

And, it looks like daddy and Noah are out doing man-things while Aleni takes her morning nap.... so momma can get a shower!

Was going to do more pictures, but the batteries on the camera died--and who knows where the battery charger is! :)