Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love...

Today has been one of those days that had me muttering under my breath, "Noah, I can't wait until it's your bedtime!"
Now things are a little calmer. Cool, gusty winds are blowing in the windows as a big storm rolls in, and, well...Noah is in bed. :)
I figured this is the best time to remember all the things I love about my little man. Maybe it will give me better perspective and more patience for tomorrow.
Things I love:
  • His snuggly times before he goes to bed

  • His attachment to Beary and Blankey. Seriously, if he sees them and can't get to them in time of need, he screams as though the world is crashing in around him.

  • The way he fishes around with his blanket until he finds a corner to hold. Apparently, only the corners feel right.

  • His little "mmm-mmm-mmmmm" sound he makes to himself when he's tired

  • When he says, "Mom, mom, mom".

  • His sweet little serious face

  • His dimples: In his cheeks, his chins, the backs of his knuckles.

  • When I catch him "talking on the phone", "reading a book", or conversing to himself in his own babble language.
    • When he takes his toddling steps towards me

    • His love for music. Nothing grabs his attention like music and it always gets him moving: swinging his leg, raising his arms, bouncing, clapping.

    • How he always holds his mouth wide open when he is excited about something.

    • His bright, intelligent eyes. He is always analyzing things and you can almost read the conclusions he is drawing about everything he takes in.

    • His readiness to laugh, make us laugh, or join in on a laugh--even if he doesn't get it and all he can muster up is a fake, social "Ha, ha".

    • His uncontrollably spikey hair.

    • How he gives me big bear hugs when he's really excited.
    • The sparkle in his eye when he's with his "da-da". (Today he was "lifting weights" with his dad, and had to take as many water breaks as his favorite man. All that excercise leaves a guy pretty thirsty!) ;)

    Hmm... that will do for now. And to think--this little angel had me "muttering under my breath"???! :)