Saturday, January 9, 2016

to aleni... on the eve of your sixth.

Aleni girl,
You are deep waters.
Your make up is so different than mine, that in trying to understand you
I often ache for the ways I don't.
You are fiercely private and serious around those you admire or don't know well.
I see this thing you do--
A sucking in of the lips and a clamping down of your jaws over your lips....
As if willing yourself to be brave, and flawless.
You are often opaque in situations where I wouldn't expect it.
I often have no idea how much you have absorbed, or understood,
You pipe up sometime or days later saying, "Remember when,,,,?"
And I see just how much you really are taking in.
You are possessive,
You are passionate,
You are focused.
Talented, brilliant, strong, unstoppable.
It is highly important to you that you are right, and that those around you agree with your views.
We are working on that.... ;)
You are a leader.
You are endlessly silly and energetic when you are comfortable,
But extremely embarrassed when you feel put on the spot or watched.
You've alway shunned the camera and the stage.
If I ever put you on display--it's because I forget--
And I want to share your brilliance.
Ok, and there's this.
You are beautiful.
Like breath-takingly, achingly beautiful,
Sometimes, I just get lost in your beauty.
Your mystery.
Your you-ness.
In the beauty of your olive skin, your eyebrows and delicate features...
I see the heritage passed down through your daddy.
I also see your daddy in you in your silences and hidden self,
I see me in you, too--
In the way you like to challenge yourself physically.
To impress yourself with how strong you are,
How fearless.
I was that girl, too.
I see me in your silliness and in your emotional outbursts....
And, really.
I see you!
One-of-a-kind, not-another-one-like you.... You.

Happy Birthday, my darling girl!

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