Saturday, October 3, 2015

gabriella is one.

You know those mornings that just seem so perfect...they are almost too perfect? That was today...and it seemed fitting that to celebrate the day our little bundle of joy arrived one year ago--the weather should cooperate with an amazingly beautiful morning.

I determined that simpler was better for this birthday, and for every idea I had, I kept asking myself two questions: 1: Is that simple? & 2: Will it really be enjoyable for all? So, with that in mind... we crossed off many ideas, until we landed on just wandering around downtown for a couple hours...and doing some presents/cupcakes after birthday girl's naptime.

And, so that's what we did. Splendidly.

And, even though it was simple... we ended the day bone tired. But, that good kind of tired--where you wouldn't have changed a thing.

It seems only right to now share about the birthday girl herself.

Ok, so this kid is just fun. She loves engaging, being playful and finding a good joke to share. She loves things like rolling a ball back and forth, playing hide and seek or just making funny noises for us to laugh at. She will often be sitting across the room, catch my eye and do the cutest thing she can think of for no reason (clap, rest her head on something, make a raspberry, giggle, bounce up and down, shake her head emphatically). She literally keeps me laughing all day long with her clever games.

She also believes it only fitting that when she is in a room, people notice. Whenever she comes into a new place, she will look around and wave-- like a big, cross-body, sweeping Miss America wave. Like she's saying, "Hey everyone Gabriella's here!" She is social, alert, observant & studies people intensely until she decides to turn on the charm. She also is completely confused by people who don't notice her. If we are at the store or somewhere, and someone near her is not gushing over her, she stares at them with the most probing look a baby can make.... until they begin interacting with her. Then she's like, "Ohhhh! Now everything is right with the world!"

Words... she talks gently and sweetly all day long, with inflections and volume changes. However, actual words are down to "Bye!" & "Dog-doggy." Sadly, dog won out over mom and dad. She even randomly repeated, "Hubba Bubba" quite a few times to the kids the other day...I think she's on to us.

Gabriella is quick to size up a room and decide what she is going to do and do it. She is very decisive, and quick to find solutions... She is strong. logical, and it's always easy to understand what she's thinking. Even from the time she was a new born, she has seemed to have this uncanny way of making plain exactly what she wants... and typically what she wants makes sense. (Ask me again on her second birthday if this is the case!) She definitely has strong feelings about things and resists if I need to take something away from her, but generally she moves on quickly. She is also just now entering the land of dramatic sadness in response to a "no", or momma being unable to pick her up right away. She will freeze, her eyes will widen in suprise... Then she will gasp, her shoulders will fall, and oh-so-slowly she will bend her head down to the ground and begin weeping very convincingly. It is both sweet and comical. (How can I resist that?) ;)

Ok, so this girl loves music. I mean loves loves it. She tries to sing along if she hears us singing, waves her arm dramatically along to the rythym, bounces her behind to the beat. The cutest. Can't wait to see if that develops into something more!

Unlike big sister, she really enjoys baby dolls. It's so cute to see her picking them up, looking at them intensely, and hugging them. She also loves putting hats and sunglasses on (which neither of her older siblings liked).

She is quick to learn. Since she is usually my grocery shopping sidekick these days, when it comes time to check out... she gets very excited. She insists I give her the wallet, she opens it, pulls on the debit card and tries to swipe it in the machine. She gets very frustrated if I try to do that without her. She also has figured out how to turn things on and off with the wii remote, which drives the kids crazy. And, I'm going to pretend I just told you she knows how to read in Latin and cross-stitch--so it doesn't sound so much like she lives with shopaholic couch potatoes.

Gabriella is social, alert, observant. studies people intensely until she decides to turn on the charm. if they ignore her, that seems to make her focus in even more intensely until they notice her and engage--then she's like "NOW everything is right in the world"

Little Miss Thing is crawling everywhere. Unlike big bro & sis, she never did the army crawl. Our house is now a series of gates, and everything is shifted to a higher shelf in this new series. She already has checked "Falling All The Way Down The Stairs" off her bucket list. So sad. I was racing down the stairs behind her, and she would roll down 3 stairs and stop and I would yell, "Oh, good!", and reach for her...and then she'd roll again... She is a TORNADO. She tears things out of cabinets, rips pages out of books, empties an entire container of qtips (during my shower) and generally leaves a room destroyed wherever she goes. I told Rey that I feel I may slip into a depression over the whole thing... she's quicker than I am! ;)

Where we live now means that G & I spend at least two hours in the car a day, driving big brother and sister two and from school. She is pretty patient with all the running around she has to do with me.

Can we talk about her hair? Shoot, she's had two haircuts already in her first year of life... and it still looks like she doesn't have a momma most days.... I promise that I really do "do" her hair almost every morning! Even if it doesn't look it.

Also, she a pretty tough little girl about most falls/scrapes unless it's a real "ow"...

And, I think that is most of our Gabriella news! We don't know what we'd be without her--our life is so much better with her in it!!

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