Wednesday, April 8, 2015

baby g is 6 months old...

Oh. I have written this post in my mind multiple times. The first time, Gabriella was 1 month old... then 2, then... Well, you get the idea! Time slips through my hands like sand these days--and my absence here is testimony to that.

But, I must sit myself here and record all things Gabriella at this point in time, before the details fade... even if it is an a scattered manner.

Gabriella is a love. She has brought sweetness and laughter into our family. She has followed the pattern of our other two: Being "small-ish" at birth, and then quickly stretching out to a long-for-her-age size. By five months, she was in nine-month clothing. She sits at a happy, chubby 16 pounds and is a constantly moving, squirming, grabbing, back-scooting bundle of girl. She has the softest, fluffiest hair you ever did see.

She has been my snuggliest, most social baby. Since birth, she preferred to fall asleep with her hand wrapped around my finger. *Falling asleep holding hands. Swoon.* She is quick to burrow her head in my chest when she's getting sleepy. She likes it when I roll her back and forth on the bed, or gentle tickle/rub her back and legs. She just melts and smiles....I love seeing her little, chubby body sleepily draped over Rey's shoulder when he gets to snuggle her to sleep in the evening. Usually, when I am getting her out of her crib when she wakes up, she kind of squeals, grabs my cheeks and pushes her head into my face. Baby hugs. The best. She often drapes her arm around my neck when I am holding her.

She cannot be out and about and not be seeing what's going on. She has to be up, facing outward--her eyes darting all over the place while she figures everything out. She especially likes to keep tabs on big brother and sister.

She's a chatter. Often, we will hear her around 2-3 in the morning in her crib, babbling sweetly to herself. When I am talking to Rey, she gets very intense and starts "talking" very determinedly, with vocal inflections and forehead furrowed. So cute. If she's in a noisy room, she begins squawking and trying to shout over the noise. She also will squeal with great excitement at different things, which always makes us all laugh.

She generally is not afraid of/shy with new people. She studies them intensely at first, but is usually quick to warm up and start winning them over with her myriad of facial expressions and big grins. She knows how to work her audience!

She is just starting to realize she can make us laugh, and she has great comedic timing. She'll do whatever it was that made us laugh, stop to look at everyone's reactions, and then do it again. So fun.

Not so fun: This girl can grab, scratch and pinch like no other. (Rey's "awesome" nickname for her is "Grabby"). So, keep your hair and face away from her!

(Feel like I have to explain, this was after Rey had arrived home from Sweden... 
so this is his "I haven't slept in hours face". Not the best pic, but the most recent
 I could find of both of them. Sorry, babe!) :)

Speaking of nicknames: No "official" ones yet. Unless you count Grabby. I usually just call her angel girl, because she is. Also, her name is easy to revamp. Some that have come up: Stinky-ella, baby-ella, pretty-ella... you get the idea. She also tends to get called "Gabby" a lot when we are out and about. We will see what ends up sticking! :)

This girl seems to be basically fearless. She's the first baby I've had that has never freaked out when I turned the vacuum cleaner on near her. I've even vacuumed with her in one arm, and she just interestedly watched everything going on. Aleni seems to think it's a lot of fun to trying to scare her (which gets her in trouble)... but, even if she is startled, very rarely does she cry from it. Rey can lift her up in the air, I can swing her low and fast--and she either giggles, grins or just kind of experiences it.

She's pretty good about putting up with how much we have to get out and about most days. Even if she's tired and grouchy, she doesn't generally cry too much... Or if she does, she can be calmed pretty easily. (Huge sigh of relief). That being said, after our little trip to the border this past weekend, I told Rey: "Ok, I think we've officially entered that window of time where it's best not to travel with her". She's just at that stage where she is so wiggly and alert, so car time and sleep times aren't as easy. Also, since she's starting into solids, there's the whole "transporting the feeding things" deal now. Hotel room sleeping isn't as easy, napping on the fly doesn't happen as easily... and, it's just a whole lot of work! So, you may not see all of us out for a while! ;)

My brother stayed with us for several days, and asked if I felt like she was just an unusually good baby. I said I think she just falls in the range of a "typical" baby (maybe what I envisioned babies were when I thought I wanted a bunch of them??). Noe was so needy and determined to only be with me ("People and new things are scary, hold me!"), while Aleni was pretty stoic and independent ("I don't need mothering, just feed me and let me be!")... so, I think I got a baby right in the middle this time. :)

Speaking of the siblings... ahh. It's so fun to watch how differently they relate already. Noe is like the cool big brother, since he is at school most days. When he talks to her, Gabriella lights up like with no one else. She is in love with big brother! Aleni has been my right hand helper with her little sister since day one, and it's so cute to see how she dotes on Gabriella and wants to snuggle with her. Gabriella seems to take it like it's her due. ;)

She is tip-toeing into trying out baby food. She tolerates a few spoonfuls here and there. Since we switched her to goat's milk, she has been wanting less baby food, which I guess means the goat's milk is making her more full! She loves the bouncy chair and enjoys the exersaucer. We are just starting to break in the infant swing outside, and she enjoys looking around. And, goodness. She slobbers like none other. No teeth coming that we can see, but everything goes straight to the mouth, and we go through multiple bibs/shirts a day in an effort to keep her somewhat dry!

What makes her cry? Hmm. Being tired, bored, hungry or in a room by herself. (Hey! This girl sounds like her momma! Ha!) Oh, also-- car seat = nooooo! :) Poor thing spends a lot of time in it too, with running big bro and sis around. Being #3 is not all fun and games, you see!

So, that's our girl G for now.... we are so thankful she is ours!

We love you, darling girl!!


  1. Very well said, mommy! I feel like I know her now. Glad she's so "easy". Third baby was my hardest! Only two hands and three kids??? Wait till evening to go shopping for even groceries. Thanks for sharing her with us. xoxoxo Dot

    1. Dot- AMEN to the grocery shopping at night thing! I don't need that much sanctification... (to take them all with me)... ha!! :) I'm preparing another post about "Things they Don't Tell you about the Third"!! Glad to hear it isn't only a hard adjustment for me... if it was hard for super mom (=you)--that makes me feel better!! :) much love to you!


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