Friday, December 19, 2014

3rd pregnancy

Since this was more than likely my last pregnancy... I knew I wanted to save notes on the journey. Because, sometimes time makes one forget that the journey--although glorious--did have its aches and pains. That may help... when I'm looking longingly at newborn pictures a couple years from now! ;)


I had been hoping for and dreaming of having a 3rd baby ever since we had Aleni, really. But... on the other hand... we had two amazing, darling kiddos and we were really enjoying life with them!

I first realized I may have been pregnant in January when I had been feeling like I may throw up for a few days in a row. Noe had been really sick with a respiratory/fever issue, and I thought maybe I was getting a virus from him. When I dissolved into tears at the doctor's office (read: hysterical-snot-dripping-down-tears) when it was time to pay the bill..., I realized... "It could be something else!" The first test came back negative, so I waited a few days. And, the second one told the good news! I was beyond excited. It was one of those "This is too good to be true" kind of excitements. Due date: Oct 10, 2014.

Weeks 4-11 were miserable! I felt nauseous 24/7... yet, somehow ravenously hungry at random times. But, since everything looked and smelled revolting, I couldn't figure out what to eat, which would make me even more nauseous. The nauseousness often turned into dizziness, or feeling like I would faint, so I would sit on the ground and breathe through it--willing myself not to vomit. The nausea would pass and leave me drenched in sweat on the floor.

I also developed a rashy, break-out type complexion on my face and chest that stuck around until about week 23. (I think they call that "glowing", yes??) ;)

During week 5, I had some light spotting, which was checked out. Everything looked good, so that was a relief. Around week 11, I had some more light spotting, which also turned out to be nothing. They reported all my vitals as looking good, and I got to hear a great, strong heartbeat. I'd never had this with my other pregnancies, and it was hard to fight the feeling of panic... "I knew it was too good to be true!" Thankful it wasn't!!

We announced the pregnancy when I was only about 8 weeks pregnant, because I was already starting to show and a couple friends had already guessed. Also, we were getting packed up for our move to Texas, so I wanted everyone to know before we left.

(10 weeks)

Thankfully, by the time we were on the road, the nausea had died down, and I was starting to feel more like  a "regular" person. I got really sick for almost a week once we got to San Antonio. Intense fevers that would come and go, waking up gasping for air, loosing my voice, sneezing, coughing without relief... I thought it was a bad head cold. A SA "native" informed me it was oak allergy--and Benadryl came to the rescue. Whew!

(13 weeks)

I enjoyed wonderful weeks between weeks 14-20 where I didn't even "feel" pregnant--except of course when I looked in the mirror! I could go on long walks, short jogs, sleep, eat... everything!

Around week 18, I really started to slow down and "feel" bigger. There were less comfortable positions for sitting, sleeping. Also, nightly "pregnancy congestion" and feeling like I was dying of heat was making sleeping more difficult. For a couple of weeks, the intense itchiness all over my body was particularly aggravating at night, adding the the frustration. Thankfully, the itchiness died down around week 21.

( 20 weeks)

Around week 20, I started experiencing ear congestion... Where my ears would pop shut (like when you are on an airplane)... and stay that way no matter what. It was miserable, because, as I talked, the congestion would continually "pop" , so my voice would go from muted to loud, to muted over and over... making me feel very frustrated when I would be trying to converse with people ("What did you say? Am I shouting? Am I speaking clearly?? Because I can't hear..."). That has continued on... some days being worse than others, and it seems the higher the humidity, the worse it is (and it's never humid in south Texas. Ha, ha.)

Even with the added discomfort of my growing midsection and heavier weight--I still can't get over how fun it is to feel this strong little baby inside of me! To feel the movements grow from slight flutters now and then... to full-on kicks and body-slams as time goes on. SO amazing.

Week 22, I went in to get ultrasound--and find out the gender (beyond excited!!!)... but there was some confusion (they had written down my appointment as being a regular check-up, not prenatal) and the doctor's office said to come back the following week. I hadn't been seen since leaving Illinois, so I was devastated not to get a peek at the little bun in the oven. Yes, I did cry in the parking lot.

Week 24... the pelvic pain is here! Feels like bone-on-bone... lower pelvic pressure, and also intense pressure/pain in the lower back. Makes moving around/standing up/pushing a shopping cart/going up and down stairs... unpleasant!

Week 26--After experiencing what felt like my hip giving out on multiple occasions when doing super athletic things like bending over or putting my pants on, I was able to get a pregnancy belt support... and has helped tremendously.

(27 weeks)

Week 27- We found out that baby is a GIRL! The whole pregnancy, Rey was so sure it was a boy... so it was hard to stop calling her a "he"...but, at the moment the doctor told me, it felt so right. Like it was what I'd been secretly hoping the whole time.  Also--> S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G all the time. Not for snacks. Not for salad. For big, full, meaty meals. Also: "vomit burps" (your welcome). All day long, especially when I bend over. Time for tums! Test said I was low on iron, so had to up the iron supplement.

(30 weeks)

30 weeks... feeling the pain! So much pelvic pressure, it takes my breath away!

31 weeks... Harder time falling asleep, can't breathe when lying down, now "sleep" sitting up. Walking around in an exhausted fog.
(32 weeks)

33 weeks.. I can feel with my hands the whole baby's body as she flips, stretches and turns. Amazing! She is much lower--which results in every.single.time I stand up: I have to waddle quickly to the bathroom.  Definitely waddling now, willing each leg in front of the other... Enough so that I barely can walk by anyone without them offering a kind word of encouragement... or just staring. Her being lower does seem to help lower the heartburn issue. Feeling lazy, with crazy, unpredictable bouts of energy. It's been around 100 degrees for the last month or two... so, any time I go outside, I'm almost immediately completely soaked in sweat, Lovely. DYING to meet our little doll!

(34 weeks)

34 weeks--It's amazing to be able to really feel her little body in there. "Whoa! That was a hand! A foot! Her little bum just completely rotated across my belly!" I'm guessing it's b/c my belly is roomier this time around, but I don't remember being able to so clearly feel the baby's individual body parts as they moved around. It takes my breath away... I sit for hours, with my hand on my belly, just feeling her flip, stretch, hiccup, kick, flicker... It makes me feel like I am already truly holding her tiny self. It's miraculous.
Also: Super swollen feet/ankles. Ouch!

35- No more sleeping! :( She seems to wedge herself under my rib cage, and I wake up in a panic because I can't breathe. Some nights, I just sit completely upright in bed until I fall asleep that way... and then wake up to re-position around midnight or 1 am... often by then she's adjusted herself so that then I can lay on my side and sleep the rest of the night. Lots of pain/pressure on my butt bones, and I'm needing to go to the bathroom every time I stand up--even up to 3 times in 10 minutes! Fun!

(36 weeks)

36 weeks- Doc says i'm 2 cm dilated/60% effaced. She also noticed my swollen ankles/feet and mentioned "You're not measuring big, but it feels like a lot of baby packed in there." Also: confirmation baby is head-down. That afternoon & night, I felt dizzy/nauseous/upset stomach/hot-cold flashes... At night I felt like my belly contains a balloon being blown up more and more and more... until I feel as though I would burst from the pressure. The next morning, I had nausea and an upset stomach, too. Made me wonder if labor was coming.... Nope! :)

(37 weeks)

37 weeks doctor checkup: Between 2 & 3 cm dilated.

(38 weeks)

38 weeks doctor visit says 4 cm dilated! Come on baby! I posted the picture above and said I hoped it would be my last pregnancy profile shot.

And... it was! :) :)

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