Friday, September 5, 2014


So! It was Friday! The last day of Noe's 2nd week of school. And, I was officially 35 weeks preggers and wasn't feeling too bad. AND, Rey had the day off work... So, I thought: "Let's pick Noe up from school a little early, and go over to Six Flags for the afternoon... maybe the last time I will be up for going there before baby girl comes!" 

So, we got all ready to go. I packed up the stuff we needed plus snacks... and we went over to surprise Noe. 

Ahem. The real surprise was when we got to Six Flags and read the sign stating that, starting in September, it would only be open on the weekends. Whaaatttt?????? Waaaahhhhh!!! So much for that idea! 

So, I might've gotten all sulky and annoyed. It was SUCH a fun plan! Wah, wah!! 

But, then I decided to just suck it up... take a photo log of my expansion... and get over it!! (By cooking an insane amount of food. Woohoo.) ;)

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