Monday, September 1, 2014


Labor Day!
Nice to have a 3-day weekend after such a busy week full of firsts!

The kids are dying to have a pet, but we are not doing that in an apartment! So, we said they could each pick a Beta fish. We also stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up the "fishees homes"... and there Noe found this 2-pack "gangster" necklaces (dice with a $ sign) and HAD to have it. (He is seriously into anything golden or silver these days, it's so funny). It was also so funny how appalled Rey was at the necklaces. ;)

Again--with Aleni's knee pop? I don't even know.

Noe decided it was a Yahtzee afternoon... and THIS crazy girl rolled a full house on her first and only round. 

Fun times...

They truly love their fish--especially Noe. He talks to his fish, tells him "goodbye" or "hope you're having a great day". It's cute. He picked out a red Beta... and named him... "Red". ;)

Aleni picked out a blue fish... and named it Deedee. But, has since changed the name to "Blue". ;)

 Letting Red watch him play the tablet:

We took chalks to the pool, and Aleni colored the different stones around the edge. It looked really beautiful; the colors don't show up that well here.

Fun with a neighbor friend:

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