Friday, August 29, 2014


This boy made it all the way through his first week of Kindergarten like a champ. Not only Kindergarten... but kindergarten wherein the instruction is 90% in SPANISH and he is instructed to only speak Spanish in class. Talk about overwhelming. But, there were no tears all week, No mornings that he fought to stay home. No complaints--other than, "Why I am there for so loooong??" :) Can't even tell you how amazed I am by him!!

He came out of his room after bedtime on Thursday, wanting to snuggle and chat. He said, "Hey, momma. I was getting a little sad in there. I was thinking about that picture of you and me together... Remember?" I finally figured out he was talking about pictures from a time we'd stopped by Starbucks together and he'd had a cake pop. He was hoping we could do it again. Hello... yes! 

When better than Friday afternoon... before we ran to pick up little sis? Fun, fun times with this guy. He's the best.

Sorry, everyone in Starbucks. We weren't necessarily loud. But, we definitely weren't decorous either. Oops.

Te amo, Noe!! :)

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