Monday, August 25, 2014


Big day! First day of school ... and our 7th wedding anniversary! :) :)

We work up the kids around 6:30... much earlier than usual for all of us. And, who should walk in the door with this sweet surprise?? He's just such a dear. :)

Sleepy kids ready for their big day!

First: Drop Noe off at his school.

There was a huge line of parents waiting to walk their kiddos in to class. Maybe about 40 minutes long! Such a big, brave boy. (*Sniff, sniff*)

Aleni's preschool starts at 11:50, so... she got all shined up and ready to go. She was very excited about the kitty shirt she'd picked out for her first day. 

How does Rey look so handsome in every picture he takes?? I guess I am stuck with a model... ;)

Getting ready to walk down to her classroom. Not even a little bit scared. :)

So, we had 2 hours between dropping Aleni off and picking up Noe from his school... So, we ran to Goodwill to look for some pants for Rey... and then picked up a frappuccino from Starbucks to drink while we waited in the car line to pick up Noe.... we also picked up some cookies for the big kids who finished their first day!

All done!!

That night, we planned to watch our wedding video with the kids, because they are at the age where they are fascinated with that information. Unfortunately, the video must be in the storage unit, because we couldn't find it. We still had a lot of fun clicking through our wedding photos on the computer... the kids especially loved seeing their big cousins and aunts/uncles so much younger/smaller than they are now!

We all went to bed completely exhausted... but, so happy. :)

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