Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So, some details of our moved have changed... resulting in our move date being changed from a week from now... to 2 months from now (end of October)! Which means.... baby girl will be joining us at THIS apartment (not at the next, like previously planned). THIS meant, we had to completely flip our apartment around (the kids were in the bigger bedroom to accommodate their toys... so, now Rey, me and baby will be there, and the kids will sleep in the smaller bedroom... The toys will go in the living room.). 

It also meant we had to pull everything out of our storage unit so that I could uncover all the baby stuff I was stashing in there--awaiting our move. But! Baby will *probably* only be a few weeks old when we do move, so--I only needed to pull out the things she'd need for the first 3 weeks or so. Yeah, fun! ;) (Did I mention it's over 100 every day these days??)

So, we've been hard at work, unpacking, packing, moving furniture, re-organizing... And, it's looking good! (We may just be a tiny bit exhausted!). 

It IS so fun having some of baby girl's things out here... it makes her arrival seem so much nearer! And, Aleni has been getting in some good practice with her dollies. :)

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