Saturday, June 7, 2014


We were excited!! We were going to the beach!! 

Ok... so, it wasn't like a "real" beach. We were going to Canyon Lake, about 30-40 minutes north of San Antonio. I'd seen pictures like these online:


...And I thought: "What a perfect way to spend a Saturday!!" So, out we went. It was a gorgeous drive and we made good time. 

However, when we pulled up to the parking area, I had a hard time seeing the beach. There was a big field of grass which stopped at a big field of gravel which stopped at a big section of waist high weeds and brush.

"Well," I thought, "The sand must be on the other side of the brush!"

So, we toted our stuff down to the edge of the water to find there was no sand. Just brush and weeds and rocks. 

I said to Rey, "Maybe we've gotten the wrong area? This doesn't look like the pictures!" So, Rey went to ask the park attendant where the sandy parks were.

In the meantime, the kids were content to splash around:

The shore area was really gross, actually. There was brown foam washing up, trash, beer cans/boxes, broken sandals, a swollen diaper... I snapped a few pictures... happy that soon we'd be moving to our "real" destination.

But, Rey came back... wincing slightly: "She said this is the sandy beach. Or, that it used to be." The lake was 9 feet below where it should've been... since the area has been experiencing a drought. The gravel section back by the grass had been a sandy beach, and where we were now camped used to be under water.

So, we told the kids that this was the beach... and decided to keep playing. Unfortunately, the floor of the lake was totally covered in small, jagged rocks making it almost impossible to walk around. We didn't know this (of course), so we hadn't brought water shoes. The kids tried to make it around in their crocs, and I walked slower than slow with my flip-flops on.

Then, my smarty-pants man came up with an idea to keep our sandals on in the water. He pulled straps off of the various masks and goggles we have and used them to anchor the shoes to our feet. Not only were they secure, they were very chic!! ;)

And, I had a choice to make. Get upset over setting aside a day to come to a less-than-stellar location... or just to sit back and enjoy the day for what it was. 

And, it was great....

Me chillin' while Rey does his awesome daddy stuff.

Rey throwing the kids up waaaay too high.... and the kids loving every sescond!! :) 

(That splash is Noe hitting the water) 

It was perfect... and we drove home happy, wind-blown and totally worn out. Not a bad day-trip if you ask me.

And, hello---Can you believe this scenery is south Texas?? Love the hill country!!

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