Monday, May 26, 2014


Celebrating our favorite boy! 6 years old today.

It was so fun that his birthday landed on a holiday this year, so we could celebrate all day long! This year, we spread out his presents over the day... doing a couple at breakfast, lunch & dinner. Fun!

Then, we went to the Incredible Pizza Factory for the first time... It was great! 

Noe has been dying to try go-karts... and the Incredible Pizza Factory delivered!! 

Love this one--"Thumbs up!"

Aleni's turn!

Super awkward photo--but the buffet was DELICIOUS! This pregnant momma want back... several times. ;)

Noe got to spin the wheel and one a $5 game card!

He's so dreamy... :)

Surprise-- Aleni had to sit on each horse she found:

Some neighbors helped us break the piñata in the afternoon:

A few more presents before we call it a night!

Happy 6th, darling boy!! 

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