Thursday, May 1, 2014


Rey's at his parents still... so, we made a fun trip to the San Antonio Zoo!

If I spotted this creature outside of its cage... I would die.

We got to see the elephant show. They are such amazing creatures.

Somehow, we got separated from each other on the way out. They were two steps behind me, and then I turned around--and they were gone!  So, I calmly began back-tracking the way we came... and then searching in ever-widening circles... Returning time and time again to the place I'd last seen them. After twenty minutes, I was no longer calm. I was about to find a zoo worker to ask for help when I suddenly had a panicked thought: We weren't too far from the exit--what if the kids had just walked right out of the zoo looking for me???! I started sprinting towards the exit, when I saw two darling kiddos hunched over on some rocks by the exit.

Noé made eye-contact with me, and jumped up... His worried face crumpled into tears. We ran to each other and he was sobbing: "Mom! Mom! Why did you get lost from us??" He was so scared, and it was breaking my heart. He explained they'd looked for me for a while, and then he had made Aleni sit down on a rock next to him. "I told her not to move!" I was SO.STINKIN.PROUD. of this amazing big brother. How brave, how smart. And, I was SO glad to have found them. Yikes!! That's never happened before, hope it never does again!!

Day ended with them playing sweetly for over an hour in this little balcony space:

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