Monday, April 14, 2014

tuesday, april 1 2014

A great night of sleep had us waking up around 7 and we all went and got the continental breakfast. Showers, packing up again... and on the road by 9!

Our last day's drive from Lafayette to San Antonio routed us through Houston, so we made plans to stop a some friends' house for lunch. The Gonzalez family are friends of ours from Peoria, and they moved to Houston about a year and a half ago... so, we were looking forward to seeing them again.

Taking a flower break... :) 

It was another gorgeous day, making for a pleasant drive. It felt SO good to cross over the line to Texas... we are getting somewhere, baby!

We made it to Houston around 1, and had a nice lunch and time of catching up with Ben and Jenn. Noe and Aleni had so much fun playing with other kiddos for a little while!

We got back on the road around 3, and commenced the last leg of our journey! Again... being so close to the end almost made it worse. Will we ever get there?? The kids were getting quite tired of sitting, but kept it together pretty well. (Thank goodness for DVD players & snacks!) :)

We pulled into San Antonio around 7... and the kids were desperate to go swimming. (Whenever we've talked about Texas, we've mentioned swimming--so it seemed necessary!) :) Unfortunately, it was a breezy, low 70s, and the pool was freezing cold. Nevertheless, the kids jumped in and splashed around happily for several minutes. We were here! :)

Shivering in the pool... and making up a game in the hotel room! 


Sun setting over the road--for the last time!!

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