Monday, April 14, 2014

monday, march 31, 2014

With the crazy night we'd had, I didn't get up 6 as I'd originally planned. It was more like 8... We got up, had our continental breakfast and then got packed up and on the road. I think we left around 10:30. We'd thought we'd stop at a zoo on the way to Lafayette, Louisiana... but, our late start (and our lesson learned the day before) helped us to decide to nix that plan.

It was a little over 9 hours to get from Memphis to Lafayette, but it was a gorgeous, gorgeous day. Bright sunshine, the grass turning a neon green the further south we got, wildflowers, rolling hills, swamps... Beautiful!

Stopping at a rest stop to run around for a bit. Since we were still seeing snow in Peoria, Aleni was enamored with the wildflowers she was finding!!

The kids again did a great job... patiently waiting out the car ride with no fussing or fighting. You know those days--or weeks--you ask yourself "What am I doing wrong?" when you watch your child misbehaving over and over again? This trip made us so, so proud of our kiddos!

Everybody out at the gas station!! :)


We got to Lafayette around 7p, dusk. Some great friends, Rich & Penny, had paid for our hotel room in Lafayette (one of the nicest hotels we've ever stayed in! We felt a little out of our element). :) We had hoped to go over and meet Rich's parents and hang out there an hour or two. But, our late start changed those plans--since the parents' home was about 45 minutes out of town. Another car ride, kids?? No, thanks!! :)

So, we ran to a deli and picked up some sandwiches, and they took us to a nice playground for the kids to play. It was completely dark by then, so we were glad there were some streetlights nearby to provide some lighting!

We got back to the hotel around 9... and carried our exhausted kids to their beds. Ahh, a great night in a beautiful, quiet, clean-smelling room!

Beautiful scenery in Louisiana...

The sun setting on the road....

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