Saturday, April 26, 2014


I am pretty sure in the night, I heard some loud shouting/agitation and running going on in the hotel, or right outside. The hotel is located in town, on a busy street so there are always people wandering the streets below--and it is not the nicest hotel. I prayed yet again for safety and fell asleep after all was silent for a while. There are guards at the doors with rifles during the day... but I'm not sure at night? I would guess that yes? 

Speaking of the guards, it was hard for Noe to get that the guys standing around with bullet-proof vests and semi-automatic weapons probably weren't the most social of people. He thinks police men are the best ever... so he would be so excited to try to tell them "Good morning" and wave... but, always back away confused when they wouldn't make eye contact or would just turn away. Ah, well. 

Saturday, we again arrived first thing in the morning and jumped right into working on the shed. We were really wanting to finish today... because we know we do not want to try to cross the bridge into the US on a Sunday. Crazy long lines!

Progress--with just the 2 of us... and often just the 1 of him--was so much slower than we'd anticipated! But, it was coming along!

Today, we were left alone with all the kids for a big chunk of time... which meant, I couldn't really help Rey since I was the only one left to keep an eye on them. It was so stinkin' hot and everyone was miserable and cranky... so--tablet to the rescue again!!

As the afternoon went on, we came to the realization that there was no way we were going to get all the finishing touches done on the shed today. So, we made the decision to lock up the shed with all the leftover pieces and tools inside... and that Rey would come back later to finish.

Those final hours seemed endless--we were so drained and soaked in sweat. It seemed we'd never get everything put away and packed up. The kiddos were at the end of their rope, and we promised to get them an ice cream cone and hamburger on the way out.... "Just be patient!"

Aleni fell asleep before we even made it to the highway.... Poor baby!

Noe was very happy to slurp down his ice cream cone and chow down on his fries.... AND play with the super cool slingshot abuelo made him from a stick Noe found on the ranch!

... And, take some selfies--ha. He looks so old in these!

Well-deserved rest in a comfy bed in McAllen!!

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