Thursday, April 24, 2014


We decided to make a "run" down to the border to see Rey's family over the weekend. We thought we'd try to go now--since Rey doesn't have a job, and to try to "beat the heat". Ha! I think we brought the heat--it was the hottest weekend they'd had so far... over 100 every day. Yuck!

"Guys, guess what?? It's time to go to abuelo and abuela's house!!" 

"Aleni, how do you feel about going to abuelo's house and riding horsies??"

The bridge in the distance! Donna bridge is the best--hardly ever a wait!

It is so interesting to drive through Rey's hometown of Rio Bravo now. I told Rey, "I don't know if it's because I'm older now so I see it differently--but, I feel like every time we come, the town looks more and more like a gangster town!" Rey agreed. It definitely is not looking better, things just seem darker and grimmer as you drive the streets. Sad.

We also came down to build a room for Rey's parents. Rey's mom has been sick off and on since winter--pneumonia, and then complications from that (fluid in the lungs)... combining that with extreme weather and arthritis, anemia and issues with hernias... she has been feeling pretty awful these days. They were all extremely worried about her, since she wasn't ever really getting better and was loosing even more weight (when she's very thin to begin with). 

So, we organized details--got some financial help from some awesome friends--and came down with a goal: Get this air-conditioned, weather-proof room built!!

First step: Get the ground leveled out to build a base.

There were 2 baby kittens there, so the kids were in heaven!! So fun...

Aleni is a total worker bee, so she loves having "jobs" to do!

Once it gets hot there, there's not much else to do but look for a piece of shade to sweat in!! Noe entertained himself and his cousin with his tablet games. :)

Working on laying out the frame for the base. (I actually did all this, and when a friend jumped in to help, I stepped away to take the picture!) :)

It was actually surprising to us... We had thought: We bring everything... and then, everyone will jump in to help. The reality was everyone was too "busy" to help (gone, sleeping, eating, whatever) and it was my pregnant self and Rey doing most of the work most of the time. There were often times that all the adults were gone, leaving us with the project AND everyone's kiddos. We didn't expect that (or understand it). 

One of Rey's sisters came back from shopping, and had picked up a horse shirt and cowboy boots for Aleni. Needless to say, Aleni was thrilled. 

Putting the frame over the gravel base:

End of Day 1: Base was finished!! :)

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