Tuesday, April 15, 2014


While daddy's away... we play! :) Fun trip over to the New Braunfel's Children's Museum. LOVED it! It was small enough that it wasn't a sensory overload, and I felt like they were safely contained. But, it was big enough that they were happily busy for several hours!! Score!







We stepped out for a bite to eat across the street from the museum. Yummy bbq!

Aleni was not a fan.

Then, back to the musem... This time we enjoyed the outdoor part. A lovely, mid-60's day!

 Then... back inside to do some artwork. LOVE watching them hard at work, and the differences in their personalities come through their paintbrushes.

Time for more play!


We got home all worn out... but happily so.

Later, Noe showed me his Lego creation--the cross and the empty tomb. So great!


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