Friday, April 25, 2014


We decided to try to get to Rey's family's place first thing in the morning today. Working through the heat from yesterday just took it out of us! We were sweating so much that it was hard to see/hold on to tools. 

But, getting there earlier did not mean beating the heat. It was one of those days that was so humid that you were sweating even before the sun came up. 

We began working and again found ourselves working alone most of the time. This time, it was probably more frustrating, because everyone knew we needed help (yesterday, we thought--"Well, maybe people didn't remember we were coming... so, that's why...")

Around 2, Rey brought us back to our hotel room. When we had rented to hotel room last night, they failed to mention that we would not be able to sleep in that room tonight. So, while we were at Rey's parents'... the hotel staff moved all of our things to a room at the back end of the 3rd floor. They said it was a deluxe suite with a king sized bed.

We had to laugh when we walked in. It was exactly the same as the room we'd had the night before, except that instead of two full-sized beds, we now were expected to sleep all together in one king sized bed. Hey, whatever, I thought. It's got air conditioning. I'm in!

So, Rey dropped us off for some down time/cooling off at the hotel and then went back to the ranch for a couple hours. Although, those couple hours turned into four.

What to do when you're a tiny bit stir crazy?? Dance to the mariachi band on the TV! :)

Noe playing on the tablet again... in our deluxe suite. ;)
Rey sent one of his younger sisters to pick us up around 6, and we went back out to the ranch. 

When I had left for the hotel, Rey and I had gotten the metal frame of the shed sorted out and partly installed. When I was gone, he was able to rally some help from some of the men and got a good portion of the walls put up!

The kids had a great time, playing out in the field with a water hose as the sun set behind them. Water fixes everything.

We came back to the hotel room after 9 pm... still laughing at our deluxe suite. Rey had been able to get a rollaway cot ordered to the room to sleep on. This is a picture of the bottom side of it, pieces of the broken wood slats poking through. It was also deluxe. 
And, finally, a snapshot of our deluxe curtains.... ;)

I spent quite a bit of time that night looking out of that curtain. Turns out, across the street below was a discoteca (dance/night club) that had THE loudest club music playing. It sounded like our hotel room was in the club... thankfully we had noise machines so the kids could sleep through it.

It was fascinating to watch from the window as people came and went. Definitely a very shady business and watching made me say some extra prayers for safety.

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