Monday, August 12, 2013

I Spy Noonday... aka... What a World-Changer Looks Like!

If there's one thing I love more than Noonday... it would be seeing friends catch the Noonday love! It just brightens my day when a picture of a friend + Noonday pops up on my screen... So, I wanted to share some of those snapshots with you!

Why do I say people wearing or using Noonday are world-changers? Because when you buy from Noonday, you are keeping children off the streets and out of orphanages. You are giving girls a chance at college. You are restoring dignity and breaking generations of poverty. You are bringing the story of artisans around the world into your homes and making it part of your own story.

Here, Lilly models earrings and a necklace made in India, where slavery and exploitation is an every-day occurrence among the poor. Brooke models a necklace made in Ecuador, from seeds harvested from the jungle floors. The artisans take each seed through a 3-month process to make the seed a bead.

Lilly's earrings:
Lilly's necklace:
Brooke's necklace: Was so popular... it is now sold out!

Callie is wearing some beautiful Indian silver earrings that she actually scored for free after hosting a show for Noonday! When you host a show for Noonday, you spread the word about their work--and provide more work for more artisans!

 Callie's earrings:

Jennell makes this Ugandan bracelet look amazing with that beautiful "mommy glow" she has! :) This necklace is made from unique, white embira seeds and has been a best-seller for Noonday.

Jennell's bracelet:

Monika has found all kinds of great ways to wear this "Rockstar Orange" paper bead necklace from Uganda! Uganda is where the Noonday story began, and the paper beads made in this workshop require hours of painstaking and skilled work!

Monika's necklace:

Erin shines in these gold Indian earrings--which she also scored for free when she decided to change the world and be a Noonday hostess. Thanks, Erin!

Erin's earrings:

Klarissa looks so cute in this fun and funky Noonday favorite--made in Uganda!

Klarissa's Necklace:

 Can you spot the Noonday?? Remember, Noonday isn't all jewelry... We also have empowered and trained a group of women in Rwanda who make different bags and textiles! Jada will tell you--Noonday makes a great gift! :)

Rachel took Noonday to a wedding--why not?? (No, sorry... Noonday doesn't sell any feather boas!)

 Rachel's bracelet:

Rachel's Necklace:

Shannon is a big lover of Noonday, and is herself in the process of adopting! So beautiful to see how we can spread our love--whether it is by helping to prevent orphans by providing work, or by providing a forever-home for the orphaned. In Shannon's case, she opts for both. :)

Shannons's Necklace:

Shannon's Necklace:

Jane rocks these amazing earrings, made by our talented Ugandan artisans.

Jane's earrings:

I am hoping that you will decide to join the ranks of these amazing women and join Noonday's vision... And, if you are already a Noonday fan--I will be keeping my eyes open on Facebook to see you sporting your style! :)


  1. I love it! I will definitely have to remember this! :) {Also love your blog roll...we must be kindreds...those are some of my favorites as well!}


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