Sunday, May 26, 2013

Noé is 5

People kept telling me "Five is a big one!"... and I kept kind of blowing it off. It's just a number... no big deal. And, it is just a number. But, five has been a big birthday for Noé. In the last couple months, the change in Noé has been notable and huge. He is markedly more mature, more independent. He wants to snuggle less, needs me less. He doesn't just automatically laugh at my jokes--he analyzes them first. He can get embaressed if I appear to be offering him too much help or tenderness in front of his peers.

In short, that which I wasn't sure would happen is happening: Noé is growing up.

I have heard that a child basically "is who he is" by the age of 5. If that's true, I'm pretty proud of the little man Noé is today.

There is nothing better than Noé's laugh. He is always studying things so intensely, his face solemn in thought... and then when something strikes him as funny--his face splits open in huge smile; his laugh is so honest and genuine. I love it.

Noé continues to be a tender, sensitive little man. He often is in tune with how others are feeling and is very good about checking if his friends are okay when they hurt themselves. If I hurt myself, he will rub my back and ask me if I need a band-aid to feel better. I love his compassion.

He is insanely smart when it comes to memorizing things that fascinate him--for now, that is dinosaurs. He is also very good at remembering people's names. He definitely gets that ability from his daddy!

Noé is in the stage of defining the differences between boys and girls; between babies and big kids. He is sure to let us know he is no longer "cute"; he is "handsome". He wants desperately to win, but he is learning to loose with grace. He loves to note how tall he is ("I am almost taller than you, mom!") and check on his muscle growth. He daily makes new mental connections that amaze me.

Noé has always been very meticulous and logical, so it has been so different to watch him begin to develop behavior more typical of a little boy: crazy, silly, goofy. So fun.

This has been the first birthday that Noé was able to join in on the planning and know what was going on. He was counting down to May 26 all month, putting an "X" on the day passed each new morning. He did a great job being patient for the big day to arrive.

The fact that Noé is beginning to pull away from me is a healthy thing, but it also makes me treasure the "snuggly moments" when they come. I told him the other day, "You're breaking my heart because you're getting so big and your not my baby anymore." I heard him proudly telling Rey at dinner time, "You know what, daddy? I am breaking momma's heart!" ;)

Noé is still one of the most tenaciously loyal and loving friends a person could ever want. It has been such a joy to watch him learn to be a kind friend, but also to stand up for himself when needs be. He has grown so much in every area, I can't even believe it most days. It is hard to put into words.

I am just glad I get to be his mom.

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